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product overview

In the field of the plants for the production of lattice girder, Promostar has developed the patented model (European Patent EP 07 150 103.5) JitLGP (Just in time Lattice Girder Plant) which is designed, in particular, to be incorporated into carousel systems for the production of prefabricated slabs.
Specifically born to meet the requirements of the fully automatic prefabrication plants, the JitLGP line, in the version HF (High Flexibility), is capable to produce continuously single girders with geometrical characteristics which can automatically change from girder to girder (in 10 seconds maximum).

technical information

product specifications

Upper longitudinal bar diameter 0.8-0.14 mm
Lower longitudinal bar diameter 0.8-0.14 mm
Lattice girder height (min-max) 70-400 mm
Bending pin diameter just in time: 1000 – 2000 / continuos production: 500 – 12000
Pitch fixed upper & lower 0.20 mm
Stirrup wire diameter 200 mm
Cut step at every 0.6 mm

Other specifications and line configuration on request



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Note: the speed depends on the type of material, the power of the motors, the unwinding speed on the pole

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