Used wire machines with the formula “used guarantee”
Used Wire Machines

Are you looking for a second-hand machine for wire transformation?

General description

Are you looking for a second-hand machine for wire transformation? Like a wire cold rolling, drawing or stretching machine?

Used wire machines offered by Promostar, are sold with the formula “used guarantee”.

Used wire machines before to be delivered to our customer are subjected to a check-list controls and have to pass a series of strict controls before to be putted on sale. We replace or repair the damaged components, we verify the status of wear and tear parts doing the needed maintenance and we check the level of operation, performances and functionality in order to deliver to our customer a quality, safety and reliability machine.

All the maintenance, ordinary and extra ordinary are made by our high skilled staff using only original spare parts and components of the main brands available in the market.

In addition, where possible, the second-hand wire machines can be upgraded with the last technologies to reach the goal of our customers in terms of performances and safety of the plant.

Our service is not limited only in the supply of the used machine. We are available to perform also the installation and start-up on site and the training of the operators.

Furthermore, our after sales service, is always available to give you assistance and supply the spare parts.