Maiastar DV


product overview

WIRE DRAWING ROLLING LINE | WIRE COLD ROLLING LINE Traditional wire drawing and cold rolling line with vertical-axis capstans (inclined) for the production of steel wire with low and medium carbon content. It can be combined with an horizontal spooler for the production of compact coils of wire of different quality and weight or with a static coiler (dead block) for the production of wire in coils. The speed is controlled by means of the short dancers or sensors.

technical information

product specifications

Working speed (max) 30 m/s
Inlet wire diameter 5,5 mm – 10 mm
Wire quality at entrance Wire rod with low, medium and high carbon contents (from 450 N/mm² to 1300 N/mm²)
Outlet wire diameter 1 mm – 8 mm
Type of Wire at the exit Ribbed or Smooth
Wire reduction system Die boxes or cold rolling cassettes
Number of drafts 2 – 13
Wire packaging Coils or spools

Other specifications and line configuration on request


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