a complete range of products and services

Promostar Srl, is a company that has acquired decades of experience and professional technical capacity acknowledged in the wire production field; it operates as an active partner always on its customer’s side throughout the world. Promostar is able to supply turnkey plants, complete lines, machines and accessories for the production of concrete reinforcing wire (through stretching process or cold rolling) and thin steel wire (wire drawing process) for different industrial application.

The main objective of the company is the continuous research of solutions to meet all our customer’s needs through a constant research carried out by highly skilled staff and engaged in the following activities: project design, production and customer care.

our philosophy

from the design to the start-up of production lines

Promostar’s philosophy ranges from the supply of large plants to small accessories thus allowing it customers to focus without concern on the core business. All the activities, from project planning to production line start up along with the machines for the production of reinforced concrete wire and thin wire are followed by highly skilled personnel while we also offer one of the most convenient cost/service ratios.

Promostar has always been an active partner in the attempt to meet the specific demands of its customers offering the most suitable solutions with a clear perspective of the operative context and global market that it works in.

Nowadays, more than ever, being part of the global market means being competitive to assure product and service quality featuring elevated performance.

an active partner

Promostar has always been considered a partner and not just a supplier that is able to assure:

  • project planning in compliance with the specific customer demands;
  • accurate technical documentation required for the project planning, installation and machine maintenance;
  • highly skilled personnel that supports all the operative activities, including: start-up, production, maintenance, revamping and personnel training;

Even during the phase following start-up of the lines/machines supplied, Promostar assists its customers offering personnel with two decades of experience in maintenance along with spare part assistance that looks for and finds the right solutions every time.

a flexible range

Wide range of services and machines

PROMOSTAR is able to supply turnkey plants for the concrete Reinforcing Wires (such as cold rolling lines with automatic spooler, straightening lines, stretching and re-spooling lines, tunnel mesh and carosello plants) as well as machines for thin Steel Wires (wire drawing process by dies), or refurbishment/revamping of existing plants.

Concerning the steel wire production , following machines are available:

  • cold rolling lines for concrete reinforcing wire (deformed wire) in coils;
  • fully automatic spooling units, included tying, labeling, weighing;
  • combined cold rolling and straightening lines for ribbed wire in bars;
  • stretching and recoiling lines for concrete reinforcing wire (high ductility wire);
  • drawing lines for smooth and thin wires (multipass drawing lines);
  • straightening lines for bars production;
  • special mesh lines (for the production of fencing mesh, block mesh, tunnel precast mesh).

wide range of accessories

Moreover, a wide range of accessories is available:

  • rolling cassettes (different sizes depending to the wire diameters, including rolls and roll-holders);
  • drawing die cassettes (fixed, rotating by motor, cleaning cassette for bright wire);
  • optical instruments for rolls adjusting;
  • fixed spools;
  • collapsible spools (for horizontal spooler and for automatic vertical spooler)
  • components for mesh lines (longitudinal-transversal wires feeding system, cutting units, automatic tying units, welding heads);

Promostar is able to supply also technical support for mechanical or electrical revampings (refurbishing) of existing machines.


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