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The line is designed for the production of electric-welded plain lattice girder, starting from coils of cold rolling wire (ribbed). The production of the lattice girder is performed by a welding process of the transversal wires onto the longitudinal wire. The blockmesh welding machine is fed by six coils located in pay off devices where four feed the longitudinal wires and the othes two the two transversal wires. The transversal wires, thanks to a complete automatic system, is cut in a precise length and welded in plain with the longitudinal wires, reaching a maximum speed production up to 40 m/min. The blockmesh welding machine is composed by two parallel longitudinal wires and one transversal wire, inserted one by one, and welded, in the same plane of the longitudinal wires.

technical information

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Longitudinal wire diameter 4-5 mm
Transversal wire diameter 4-5 mm
Max. Length 3 mm
Width 50 - 100 - 150 - 200 mm
Pitch 450 mm (fixed)
Max. Speed 40 m/min
Welding power 60 + 60 Kva

Other specifications and line configuration on request


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Note: production speed depends on the quality of wire rod, the power of motors , the unwinding speed on the pay-off

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