Full automatic spooler

For 3, 5 or 8 tons coils capacity; fixed or collapsible spools

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cold rolled bars

Innovative high productivity line for the production of bars or wire coils for reinforced concrete.

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cold rolled bars

Line indicated for the production of bars for reinforced concrete. It combines in a single machine, the cold rolling with the cutting and straightening process.

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Promostar is the leader company and the first one to introduce the stretching process, the technology that was developed in the 90’s as a new process for the production of anti-seismic reinforcing products.

The process is used nowadays all over the world to produce the high ductility reinforcing materials in different formats, such as compact coils, bars, electrowelded meshes, lattice girders, stirrup, cages, etc. transforming the characteristics of the ribbed wire rod/rebar in coils through a cold process. The final product obtained by stretching process in the form of compact coils presents uniform characteristics and lower industrial costs compared to the hot rolled ones.


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Promostar Srl, is a company that has acquired decades of experience and professional technical capacity acknowledged in the wire production field; it operates as an active partner always on its customer’s side throughout the world. Promostar is able to supply turnkey plants, complete lines, machines and accessories for the production of concrete reinforcing wire (through stretching process or cold rolling) and thin steel wire (wire drawing process) for different industrial application.

The main objective of the company is the continuous research of solutions to meet all our customer’s needs through a constant research carried out by highly skilled staff and engaged in the following activities: project design, production and customer care.

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Note: production speed depends on the quality of wire rod, the power of motors , the unwinding speed on the pay-off

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